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The correct answer is B.

OBJ-1.4: The Ease of Access section of the Control Panel brings together the functionality for the accessibility features in Windows, including visual, tactile input, and speech recognition settings to assist those with disabilities. For example, the Ease of Access section can be used to turn on the Magnifier that can zoom in anywhere on the screen to make everything in the area larger and easier for a visually impaired user to see. The File Explorer Options section of the Control Panel allows technicians to customize the display of files and folders. For example, the File Explorer Options can enable or disable the ability to show hidden files, hide file extensions, and more. The Indexing Options is used to configure the method used by Windows when searching for content within the storage devices. When indexing is properly configured, the system will catalog the information on the computer using the words within the files and their metadata to more easily find the content when requested by a user. The Sound section of the Control Panel allows technicians to configure settings for the playback, recording, and sound effects on the computer.

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