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The correct answer is B.

OBJ-1.6: Since the data is moved from one network share to another, the users will need to remap their network drive letters to the new file paths. Using the existing drive mapping, they will still be pointing to the old server that no longer has the files and is presenting an “Access Denied” error message. Network shares do not require administrative permissions by default. A Group Policy is the primary administrative tool for defining and controlling how programs, network resources, and the operating system operate for users and computers in an organization. In an active directory environment, Group Policy is applied to users or computers based on their membership in sites, domains, or organizational units. Since the users were able to access the shares previously during the same hours, there should be no issues once the shares were moved to the new server. A proxy server can filter and often modify communications as well as provide caching services to improve performance. Proxy servers are usually used to access internet resources, not resources on the local area network.

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