Question 27

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The correct answers are B, C, and F.

OBJ-2.2: The above example searches for files with the name “password” in them (q=password) and (+) have a filetype equal to xls (filetype%3Axls, %3A is the hex-code for ‘:’) and (+) limits the results to files hosted on ( and (&) disables personalization (pws=0) and (&) deactivates the directory filtering function (filter=p). If you wanted to exclude Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, this would be done by typing -filetype%3Axls as part of the search query. To find related websites or pages, you would include the “related:” term to the query. To deactivate all filters from the search, the “filter=0” should be used. To deactivate the directory filtering function, the “filter=p” is used.

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