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The correct answer is B.

OBJ-1.7: This is an example of a Boolean-based SQL injection. This occurs when data input by a user is interpreted as a SQL command rather than as normal data by the backend database. In this example, notice that the statement being parsed as part of the URL after the equal sign is equivalent to 1 or 17-7=10. This means the portion of the statement that is 17-7=10 would return a value of 1 (since it is true). Then, we are left to compute if 1 = 1, and since it does, the SQL database will treat this as a positive authentication. This is simply an obfuscation technique of a 1=1 SQL injection technique. A buffer overflow is an exploit that attempts to write data to a buffer and exceed that buffer’s boundary to overwrite an adjacent memory location. A session hijacking attack consists of exploiting the web session control mechanism, normally managed for a session token. XML Injection is an attack technique used to manipulate or compromise an XML application or service’s logic.

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