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The correct answer is B.

OBJ-3.3: This is a difficult question, but you should see a keyword in the query, “mimikatz.” Mimikatz is a leading post-exploitation tool that dumps passwords from memory, as well as hashes, PINs, and Kerberos tickets. Other useful attacks it enables are pass-the-hash, pass-the-ticket, or building Golden Kerberos tickets. This makes post-exploitation lateral movement within a network easy for attackers. It is definitely considered unauthorized software and should be immediately alerted upon if discovered in your network. Data exfiltration is the process by which an attacker takes data that is stored inside of a private network and moves it to an external network. Processor consumption is an IoC that monitors the per-process percentage of CPU time to show what causes the problem. Irregular peer-to-peer communication occurs when hosts within a network establish connections over unauthorized ports or data transfers.

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