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The correct answer is B.

OBJ-4.2: Degaussing is classified as a form of purging. Purging eliminates information from being feasibly recovered even in a laboratory environment. Purging includes degaussing, encryption of the data with the destruction of its encryption key, and other non-destructive techniques. Some generic magnetic storage devices can be reused after the degaussing process has finished, such as VHS tapes and some older backup tapes. For this reason, though, the technique of degaussing is classified as purging and not destruction, even though hard drives are rendered unusable after being degaussed. Clearing data prevents data from being retrieved without the use of state of the art laboratory techniques. Clearing often involves overwriting data one or more times with repetitive or randomized data. Destroying data is designed not merely to render the information unrecoverable but also to hinder any reuse of the media itself. Destruction is a physical process that may involve shredding media to pieces, disintegrating it into parts, pulverizing it to powder, or incinerating it to ash. Erasing or deleting is considered a normal operation of a computer, which erases the data file’s pointer on a storage device. Erasing and deleting are easily reversed, and the data can be recovered with commercially available or open-source tools.

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