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The correct answer is D.

OBJ-5.1: The university should utilize a tokenization approach to prevent an inadvertent release of the PHI data. In a tokenization approach, all or part of data in a field is replaced with a randomly generated token. That token is then stored with the original value on a token server or token vault, separate from the production database. This is an example of a deidentification control and should be used since the personally identifiable medical data is not needed to be retained after ingesting it for the research project; only the medical data itself is needed. While using DevSecOps can improve the overall security posture of the applications being developed in this project, it does not explicitly define a solution to prevent this specific issue making it a less ideal answer choice for the exam. Formal verification methods can be used to prove that none of the AI/ML techniques that process the PHI data could inadvertently leak. Still, the cost and time associated with using these methods make them inappropriate for a system used to conduct research. A formal method uses a mathematical model of a system’s inputs and outputs to prove that the system works as specified in all cases. It is difficult for manual analysis and testing to capture every possible use case scenario in a sufficiently complex system. Formal methods are mostly used with critical systems such as aircraft flight control systems, self-driving car software, and nuclear reactors, not big data research projects. The option provided that recommends utilizing a SaaS model is not realistic. There is unlikely to be a SaaS provider with a product suited to the big data research being done. SaaS products tend to be commoditized software products that are hosted in the cloud. The idea of migrating to a SaaS is a distractor on this exam, which is trying to get you to think about shifting the responsibility for the PHI to the service provider and away from the university, but due to the research nature of the project, this is unlikely to be a valid option in the real world and may not be legally allowed due to the PHI being processed.

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