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The correct answer is B.

OBJ-2.1: While the physical security posture of the company has been improved by adding the cameras, alarms, and locks, this appliance-based system may pose additional risks to the store’s network. Specialized technology and appliance-based systems rarely receive security updates at the same rate as regular servers or endpoints. These devices need to be on a network to ensure that their network functions can continue, but they don’t necessarily need to be on the enterprise production network. A good option would be to set up a parallel network that is physically or logically isolated from the enterprise network and install the video cameras, alarms, and lock on that one. These devices cannot be isolated from the internet without compromising their functions, such as allowing remote monitoring of the system and locks. The devices should be scanned for viruses before installation, but that is a short-term consideration and doesn’t protect them long-term.

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