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The correct answer is D.

OBJ-1.7: This is an example of a brute force attack. Unlike password spraying that focuses on attempting only one or two passwords per user, a brute force attack focuses on trying multiple passwords for a single user. The goal of this attack is to crack the user’s password and gain access to their account. Password spraying, instead, refers to the attack method that takes a large number of usernames and loops them with a single password. We can use multiple iterations using several different passwords, but the number of passwords attempted is usually low compared to the number of users attempted. This method avoids password lockouts, and it is often more effective at uncovering weak passwords than targeting specific users. In the scenario provided, only one or two attempts are being made to each username listed. This is indicative of a password spraying attack instead of a brute force attempt against a single user. Impersonation is the act of pretending to be another person for fraudulent purposes. Credential stuffing is the automated injection of breached username/password pairs to gain user accounts access fraudulently. This is a subset of the brute force attack category: large numbers of spilled credentials are automatically entered into websites until they are potentially matched to an existing account. The attacker can then hijack for their own purposes.

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