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The correct answer is B.

OBJ-4.2: The getfacl command allows backups of directories to include permissions, saved to a text file. The setfacl command is used to restore the permissions from the backup created. The aclman and chbkup are not legitimate Linux commands. The iptables command is used to configure the Linux firewall, not the directory structure’s file permissions. This question may seem beyond the scope of the exam. Still, the objectives allow for “other examples of technologies, processes, or tasks about each objective may also be included on the exam although not listed or covered” in the objectives’ bulletized lists. The exam tests the equivalent of 4 years of hands-on experience in a technical cybersecurity job role. The content examples listed in the objectives are meant to clarify the test objectives and should not be construed as a comprehensive listing of this examination’s content. Therefore, questions like this are fair game on test day. That said, your goal isn’t to score 100% on the exam; it is to pass it. Don’t let questions like this throw you off on test day. If you aren’t sure, take your best guess and move on!

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