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The correct answer is A.

OBJ-3.7: A scheduled task or scheduled job is an instance of execution, like initiating a process or running of a script, that the system performs on a set schedule. Once the task executes, it can prompt the user for interaction or run silently in the background; it all depends on what the task is set up to do. Scheduled tasks in Windows use the schtasks command. The correct answer for this persistence is to enter the command “schtasks /create /tn beacon /tr C:\temp\beacon.bat /sc MINUTE /mo 20 /ru SYSTEM” that will create a task called “beacon” that runs the script at “C:\temp\beacon.bat every 20 minutes as the SYSTEM level user. The other variant of schtasks is incorrect because it used a Linux-based file directory structure to reference the script location and would fail to run in Windows. The crontab options are used in Linux, not in Windows.

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