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The correct answer is C.

OBJ-4.2: DNS over HTTPS (DoH) allows the DNS requests to be tunneled within the TLS traffic over port 443. This allows most of the DNS protocol traffic over port 53 to be eliminated after the first DNS request to the DoH provider is made. DoH is used mainly to provide privacy protection for the user and their web browsing activities. Custom DNS is often used to block dangerous sites by purposefully refusing to resolve to a previously identified malicious host. Device configuration profiles are XML files that contain configuration details defined at either the user or device level. These profiles can be manually installed or automatically deployed through an MDM solution. Token-based access requires an enrolled device to provide a token issued by an IAM solution to gain access to network resources. Mobile devices with an installed token are granted access to the network resources after being verified by a network access control (NAC) appliance.

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