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The correct answer is B.

OBJ-4.2: To prevent a user from accessing the malicious website when the link is clicked, the malicious domain name should be added to the blocklist of the company’s content filter and web proxy. This will ensure that no devices on the network can reach the malicious domain name. While blocking the IP address associated with the domain name might help for a short period of time, the malicious domain’s owner could quickly redirect the DNS to point to a different IP. Then the users would still be able to access the malicious domain and its contents. Enabling TLS on the mail server will only encrypt the connection between the email server and its clients. Still, it will not prevent the users from clicking on the malicious link and accessing the malicious content. While informing the users that there is an active attempt at phishing being conducted against the organization is a good idea, forwarding the phishing email with the malicious link will generally cause more users to accidentally click on the malicious link, which further exacerbates the issue.

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