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PRINCE2® Foundation (6th edition)

PRINCE2 Foundation provides the theoretical knowledge of how to plan, manage, and deliver projects of any size or complexity on time, to scope, and on budget using the PRINCE2 methodology.

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4.9 out of 5 stars
876 Total Reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars

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  • Course Price$599
  • InstructorsJason Dion
  • Total Duration05 hours
  • Total Lessons29
  • Total Quizzes12
  • Enrolled876 Students
  • Access to material12 Months
  • Official TextbookIncluded
  • Full Practice ExamsIncluded
  • Voucher IncludedIncluded
  • 100% Pass GuaranteeIncluded
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If you are not already certified in PRINCE2® Foundation (6th edition) , below is our complete course description for everything you will need to know, to pass the certification exam.


Learn how to work successfully within a project team to deliver projects of any size or complexity on time, to scope, and within budget using the PRINCE2 methodology.

PRINCE2 is the world's most widely adopted project management methodology and is used by numerous organizations around the world across a diverse range of industries and economic sectors. Whether your organization is a commercial entity, non-profit, or governmental organization, chances are high that you will be using a PRINCE2 environment when conducting your project management.

PRINCE2 is built upon seven Principles, seven Themes, and seven Processes that are the result of decades of best practice research. Additionally, PRINCE2 is highly flexible and can be tailored to your large, medium, or small scaled projects to meet your organization's specific requirements. 

PRINCE2 Foundation is the entry-level certification in the PRINCE2 methodology and offers an exceptional overview of PRINCE2. 

By obtaining your PRINCE2 Foundation certification, you are showing employers that you understand the key elements, concepts and terminology used in the PRINCE2 method and that you can work effectively as part of a project management team.

Key topics include the seven principles (continued business justification, learn from experience, defined roles and responsibilities, manage by stages, manage by exception, focus on products, and tailor to suit the project environment), the seven themes (business case, organization, quality planes, risk, change, and progress), and the seven processes (starting up a project, initiating a project, directing a project, managing a stage boundary, controlling a stage, managing product delivery, and closing a project).

This course is designed to help prepare you for the PRINCE2 Foundation (6th edition) certification exam and covers all four objectives:

  • Key concepts of project management
  • Seven principles that underpins PRINCE2
  • Seven themes that are applied in projects
  • Seven processes that are used in projects

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