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We know you are busy with everyday life and getting certified for a cyber security job should not be a burden Grow your knowledge and your opportunities through our specialized courses and expert instructors.

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Our training is so simple, to the point, that people can’t help but fall in love with it.

    • The course is great! Every subject is explained thoroughly and examples are given, so it is easy to understand how the concept is applied in everyday situation. I passed my exam in my first attempt, mind you I studied hard for it. ;)


      Cyber Security Enthusiast

      Testimonials Avatar
    • I found the masterclass to be very unique and engaging. It really sets you thinking and planning for your path in cyber security and gives people interested in the field a good idea of what this path holds. I had the honor of having the 1 to 1 session with Kip and it proved to be very beneficial and has widened my network in the cyber security circle. Definitely recommend this course.

      Kah Heng

      Cyber Security Enthusiast

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    • This course helped me prepare in a more professional way. Overall, it was a great experience.

      Dee Dorvilien

      Cyber Security Enthusiast

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    • Unfortunately, I did not have the experience, and it was a big roadblock for me. With this course, it showed me not only what I need to be aware of from the applicant side, but also what the hiring managers are looking for which was a tremendous help.

      Josh Reese

      Cyber Security Enthusiast

      Testimonials Avatar
    • This is an amazing and fun course. Very well explained keeping it simple and clear. The support is THE SUPPORT, you get response for any issue or concern very fast. Looking forward for the next step. Thanks!


      Cyber Security Enthusiast

      Testimonials Avatar
    • Hi there, I just want to confirm that I've had a very intensive and valuable training at "DION Training" course and passed the exam on my try. That really works as promised! I'm sure I'll be back for more. Thanks a lot!

      Bartlomiej Kurt

      Cyber Security Enthusiast

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