ITIL® 4 Foundation

ITIL® 4 Foundation

ITIL 4 Foundation introduces an end-to-end operating model for the creation, delivery and continual improvement of technology-enabled products and services.

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  • InstructorsJason Dion
  • Total Duration5h 54m
  • Total Lessons107
  • Total Quizzes12
  • Total Enrollments5832 Students
  • Access to material12 Months
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Embark on a journey to understand how ITIL, the gold standard in IT Service Management, aids organizations across various sectors—including commercial, governmental, and non-profit—in delivering efficient, cost-effective IT operations. The ITIL 4 Foundation course is designed to provide insights into the key concepts of IT and digital service delivery, enabling you to contribute significantly to your organization's service management culture.

The course delves into critical topics such as the operation of modern IT and digital service organizations, the enhancement of speed and efficiency through value streams, the role of cultural and behavioral principles in guiding work, and the usage of common service management terms and concepts.

Prepared to guide you towards the ITIL 4 Foundation certification exam, this course meticulously covers all seven objectives:

  • Key concepts of service management
  • Seven guiding principles
  • Four dimensions of service management
  • Service value system (SVS)
  • Service value chain (SVC)
  • Overview of the ITIL practices
  • Practices such as continual improvement, change control, incident management, problem management, service request management, service desk, and service level management

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners aspiring to enter the service management industry
  • Professionals seeking to grasp the key concepts of IT and digital service delivery
  • Individuals employed in large organizations that have adopted ITIL

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the functioning of modern IT and digital service organizations
  • Enhance speed and efficiency by leveraging value streams
  • Apply cultural or behavioral principles to guide organizational work
  • Familiarize with commonly-used service management concepts and terminology

Course Overview:

ITIL 4 Foundation introduces learners to an end-to-end operating model that focuses on the creation, delivery, and continual improvement of technology-enabled products and services.


  • There are no prerequisites to take this course, making it accessible to anyone interested in enhancing their knowledge in IT Service Management.

Course Outline:

Frequently Asked Questions

1.WelcomeVIDEOFree Preview
2.Download the Study GuidePDF
3.Exam FundamentalsVIDEOFree Preview
4.100% Pass GuaranteeVIDEOFree Preview
5.4th Industrial RevolutionVIDEOFree Preview
6.Service OrganizationsVIDEOFree Preview
7.Quiz: IntroductionQUIZ
1.Service ManagementVIDEO
3.Organizations and PeopleVIDEO
4.Services and ProductsVIDEO
5.Service OfferingsVIDEO
6.Service RelationshipsVIDEO
10.Utility and WarrantyVIDEO
11.Quiz: Service ManagementQUIZ
1.Four Dimensions of Service ManagementVIDEO
2.Organizations and PeopleVIDEO
3.Information and TechnologyVIDEO
4.Partners and SuppliersVIDEO
5.Value Streams and ProcessesVIDEO
7.Applying the Four DimensionsVIDEO
8.Quiz: Four Dimensions of Service ManagementQUIZ
1.Service Value SystemVIDEO
2.Opportunity, Demand, and ValueVIDEO
4.Quiz: Service Value SystemQUIZ
1.Guiding PrinciplesVIDEO
2.Focus on ValueVIDEO
3.Start Where You AreVIDEO
4.Progress Iteratively with FeedbackVIDEO
5.Collaborate and Promote VisibilityVIDEO
6.Think and Work HolisticallyVIDEO
7.Keep It Simple and PracticalVIDEO
8.Optimize and AutomateVIDEO
9.Quiz: Guiding PrinciplesQUIZ
1.Service Value ChainVIDEO
5.Design and TransitionVIDEO
7.Deliver and SupportVIDEO
8.Value StreamsVIDEO
9.Quiz: Service Value ChainQUIZ
1.Continual ImprovementVIDEO
2.Continual Improvement ModelVIDEO
3.What is the Vision?VIDEO
4.Where are We Now?VIDEO
5.Where Do We Want to Be?VIDEO
6.How Do We Get There?VIDEO
7.Take ActionVIDEO
8.Did We Get There?VIDEO
9.How Do We Keep the Momentum Going?VIDEO
10.Continual Improvement and the Guiding PrinciplesVIDEO
11.Quiz: Continual ImprovementQUIZ
1.Categories of PracticesVIDEO
2.Management PracticesVIDEO
3.Continual ImprovementVIDEO
4.Information Security ManagementVIDEO
5.Relationship ManagementVIDEO
6.Supplier ManagementVIDEO
7.Architecture ManagementVIDEO
8.Knowledge ManagementVIDEO
9.Measurement and ReportingVIDEO
10.Organizational Change ManagementVIDEO
11.Portfolio ManagementVIDEO
12.Project ManagementVIDEO
13.Risk ManagementVIDEO
14.Service Financial ManagementVIDEO
15.Strategy ManagementVIDEO
16.Workforce and Talent ManagementVIDEO
17.Quiz: General Management PracticesQUIZ
1.Service Management PracticesVIDEO
2.Change EnablementVIDEO
3.Incident ManagementVIDEO
4.Problem ManagementVIDEO
5.Service DeskVIDEO
6.Service Level ManagementVIDEO
7.Service Request ManagementVIDEO
8.IT Asset ManagementVIDEO
9.Monitoring and Event ManagementVIDEO
10.Release ManagementVIDEO
11.Service Configuration ManagementVIDEO
12.Availability ManagementVIDEO
13.Business AnalysisVIDEO
14.Capacity and Performance ManagementVIDEO
15.Service Catalog ManagementVIDEO
16.Service Continuity ManagementVIDEO
17.Service DesignVIDEO
18.Service Validation and TestingVIDEO
19.Quiz: Service Management PracticesQUIZ
1.Technical Management PracticesLAB
2.Deployment ManagementVIDEO
3.Infrastructure and Platform ManagementVIDEO
4.Software Development and ManagementVIDEO
5.Quiz: Technical Management PracticesQUIZ
1.Putting It All TogetherVIDEO
3.Practice Exam #1EXAM
4.Practice Exam #2EXAM
5.Practice Exam #3EXAM
6.Exam VoucherVOUCHER
7.ITIL Certification PathVIDEO

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Daoud Chit


5 out of 5 stars

Jason Dion's has been an asset to my learning strategies within the ITIL approach. I highly recommend future students who are seeking ITIL certifications' strategies through Dion's training solution center.
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Adrian Wong


5 out of 5 stars

With below strengths of DION training course, I passed ITIL 4 exam quickly at first attempt. 1. Good tutor 2. Well-designed study flow 3. Concise training video 4. Concise study guide 5. Concise Cram card 6. Useful practice exams
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