Unlock the Cloud: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C02) Course

Unlock the Cloud: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C02) Course

If you're looking to harness the immense power of the cloud, the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification is your passport to a world of opportunities.

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  • Course Price$149
  • InstructorsJason Dion, Jamario Kelly
  • Total Duration15h 53m
  • Total Lessons171
  • Total Quizzes12
  • Total Enrollments6 Students
  • Access to material12 Months
  • Full Practice ExamsIncluded
  • 100% Pass GuaranteeIncluded


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Unlock the Cloud with our comprehensive AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C02) Course. This course is your stepping stone into the realm of Amazon Web Services (AWS), offering a complete learning experience to enhance your skills before the exam, including a downloadable Study Guide (PDF), interactive quizzes, and multiple full-length practice exams.

Why AWS? Why Now?

In today's digital landscape, cloud computing is pivotal for innovation and efficiency. AWS is a global leader in cloud services, playing a crucial role in shaping the technology ecosystem. This certification is your passport to harnessing the immense power of the cloud and unlocking a world of opportunities.

Who Is This Course For?

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C02) exam is ideal for individuals looking to validate their foundational knowledge of the AWS Cloud, including:

  • IT Beginners: Those new to the IT field starting a career in cloud computing.
  • Career Changers: Individuals transitioning from a different IT role or considering a career change into cloud computing.
  • Business and Non-Technical Professionals: Beneficial for business leaders, project managers, sales and marketing professionals, and others in non-technical roles.
  • Students and Educators: Ideal for students pursuing a career in IT or cloud computing and educators introducing students to cloud computing concepts.

What You'll Learn

Master the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C02) examination by skillfully traversing its four distinctive domains:

  1. Domain 1: Cloud Concepts (24%)
  2. Domain 2: Security and Compliance (30%)
  3. Domain 3: Cloud Technology and Services (34%)
  4. Domain 4: Billing, Pricing, and Support (12%)

AWS Cloud Fundamentals:

  • Cloud Computing Principles: Learn the fundamental principles of cloud computing.
  • Global Infrastructure: Understand AWS's global data center presence.
  • Architectural Best Practices: Explore best practices for designing scalable, secure, and cost-efficient architectures in the cloud.

AWS Services:

  • Compute Services: Learn about EC2 instances, AWS Lambda, and other compute services for running applications.
  • Storage Services: Understand AWS storage options, including Amazon S3 and Amazon EBS.
  • Networking Services: Explore AWS networking services, such as Amazon VPC and Amazon Route 53.
  • Database Services: Gain insights into AWS database services like Amazon RDS and Amazon DynamoDB.

Cloud Security and Compliance:

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM): Understand how to control access to AWS resources and services using IAM.
  • Data Encryption: Explore encryption options for data at rest and in transit.
  • Compliance Standards: Learn about AWS compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Pricing and Billing:

  • Gain knowledge about AWS pricing models, cost management, and cost optimization strategies.

Use Cases:

  • Discover practical use cases and real-world scenarios across various industries and domains.

Exam Readiness:

  • The course will prepare students for the exam, covering specific topics and question formats.

Why Choose Us?

  • Expert Instructors: Our course is led by AWS-certified professionals with extensive industry experience.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage with hands-on labs and interactive quizzes.
  • Flexibility: Learn at your own pace.
  • Exam Readiness: Our course prepares you for the exam and equips you with practical skills.

Your Cloud Adventure Begins Here

Don’t miss this chance to transform your career and open doors to countless opportunities in cloud computing. Enroll today and turn your cloud dreams into reality!

Who is this for:

  • IT beginners, career changers, business and non-technical professionals, students, and educators.

Learning Objectives:

  • Take and pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C02) certification exam.
  • Explain the value of the AWS Cloud.
  • Understand the AWS shared responsibility model.
  • Understand security best practices.
  • Understand AWS Cloud costs, economics, and billing practices.
  • Describe and position the core AWS services.
  • Identify AWS services for common use cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.IntroductionVIDEOFree Preview
2.Download your free study guidePDF
3.Exam TipsVIDEOFree Preview
4.100% Pass GuaranteeVIDEOFree Preview
5.Creating an AWS AccountVIDEOFree Preview
6.Checkpoint: IntroductionQUIZ
1.Cloud Computing PrinciplesVIDEOFree Preview
2.The AWS CloudVIDEOFree Preview
3.Benefits of Cloud ComputingVIDEO
4.Cloud Service ModelsVIDEO
5.Service Model SelectionVIDEO
6.Deployment ModelsVIDEO
7.Deployment Model SelectionVIDEO
8.Shared Responsibility ModelVIDEO
9.Using Amazon LightsailVIDEO
10.Checkpoint: Cloud Computing PrinciplesQUIZ
1.Cloud Design PrinciplesVIDEO
4.High AvailabilityVIDEO
5.Disaster RecoveryVIDEO
6.Recovery ObjectivesVIDEO
7.AWS Well-Architected FrameworkVIDEO
8.AWS Well-Architected ToolVIDEO
9.Checkpoint: Cloud Design PrinciplesQUIZ
1.Cloud MigrationsVIDEO
2.Migrating to the CloudVIDEO
3.Cloud Migration PhasesVIDEO
4.Cloud Migration TypesVIDEO
5.Cloud Native ApplicationsVIDEO
6.AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF)VIDEO
7.AWS Snow FamilyVIDEO
8.AWS Migration and Transfer ToolsVIDEO
9.Performing a Lift and ShiftVIDEO
10.Checkpoint: Cloud MigrationsQUIZ
1.Global InfrastructureVIDEO
2.AWS RegionsVIDEO
3.Availability ZonesVIDEO
4.Edge LocationsVIDEO
5.AWS Local ZonesVIDEO
6.AWS Wavelength ZonesVIDEO
7.AWS OutpostsVIDEO
8.Maintaining Reliability, Redundnacy, and AvailabilityVIDEO
9.Using Availability Zones in AWSVIDEO
10.Checkpoint: Global InfrastructureQUIZ
1.Cloud Economics and PricingVIDEO
2.Fixed vs Variable CostsVIDEO
3.Licensing ModelsVIDEO
4.Instance Types and PricingVIDEO
5.Data Transfer ChargesVIDEO
6.Storage Options and TiersVIDEO
8.Managed ServicesVIDEO
9.AWS OrganizationsVIDEO
10.Cost Allocation TagsVIDEO
11.Billing, Budgeting, and Cost Management ToolsVIDEO
12.Using Cost Allocation in AWSVIDEO
13.Checkpoint: Cloud Economics and PricingQUIZ
1.Connecting to AWSVIDEO
2.AWS Management ConsoleVIDEO
3.Programmatic AccessVIDEO
4.Infrastructure as Code (IaC)VIDEO
5.Connectivity Options for AWSVIDEO
6.Using the AWS Management ConsoleVIDEO
7.Checkpoint: Connecting to AWSQUIZ
1.Identity and Access ManagementVIDEO
2.The Root UserVIDEO
3.Users and GroupsVIDEO
5.Authentication Methods in AWSVIDEO
6.AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)VIDEO
7.AWS IAM Identity CenterVIDEO
8.Credential StorageVIDEO
10.Checkpoint: Identity and Access ManagementQUIZ
1.Compute ServicesVIDEO
2.Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2)VIDEO
3.Auto-scaling with EC2VIDEO
4.Load Balancing with EC2VIDEO
5.Containerized ComputeVIDEO
6.Serverless ComputeVIDEO
7.Other Compute ServicesVIDEO
8.End-user Computing ServicesVIDEO
9.Setting up Auto-scaling with EC2VIDEO
10.Checkpoint: Compute ServicesQUIZ
1.Network ServicesVIDEO
2.Software Defined Networking (SDN)VIDEO
3.Virtual Privact Cloud (VPC)VIDEO
4.VPC SecurityVIDEO
6.Amazon Route 53VIDEO
7.Network Edge ServicesVIDEO
8.Amazon API GatewayVIDEO
10.Amazon Direct ConnectVIDEO
11.Using Route53VIDEO
12.Checkpoint: Network ServicesQUIZ
1.Storage ServicesVIDEO
2.Storage FeaturesVIDEO
3.Storage CharacteristicsVIDEO
4.Object StorageVIDEO
5.Block StorageVIDEO
6.File StorageVIDEO
7.Backup and Recovery OptionsVIDEO
8.Retention Lifecycle PoliciesVIDEO
9.Configuring S3 BucketsVIDEO
10.Checkpoint: Storage ServicesQUIZ
1.Database ServicesVIDEO
3.Hosted and Managed DatabasesVIDEO
5.Amazon AuroraVIDEO
6.Amazon DynamoDBVIDEO
7.Amazon NeptuneVIDEO
8.Amazon MemoryDB for RedisVIDEO
9.Database Migration ToolsVIDEO
10.Using Database ServicesVIDEO
11.Checkpoint: Database ServicesQUIZ
1.AI/ML and Analytics ServicesVIDEO
2.Machine LearningVIDEO
3.Image and Video DetectionVIDEO
4.Langauge Recognition and TranslationVIDEO
5.Natural Language CapabilitiesVIDEO
6.Data Analytics and Business IntelligenceVIDEO
7.Data Integration and ETLVIDEO
8.Data Streaming and SearchVIDEO
9.Using AI/ML ServicesVIDEO
10.Checkpoint: AI/ML and Analytics ServicesQUIZ
1.Security CapabilitiesVIDEO
2.Security GroupsVIDEO
3.Network ACLsVIDEO
5.Encryption OptionsVIDEO
6.AWS Trusted AdvisorVIDEO
7.AWS Security InformationVIDEO
8.Third-party Security ProductsVIDEO
9.Configuring Network ACLsVIDEO
10.Checkpoint: Security CapabilitiesQUIZ
1.Governance and ComplianceVIDEO
2.Compliance in AWSVIDEO
3.Monitoring in AWSVIDEO
4.Auditing in AWSVIDEO
5.AWS Security HubVIDEO
6.AWS InspectorVIDEO
7.AWS GuardDutyVIDEO
9.Using AWS InspectorVIDEO
10.Checkpoint: Governance and ComplianceQUIZ
1.Other AWS ServicesVIDEO
2.Application Integration ServicesVIDEO
3.Business Productivity ServicesVIDEO
4.Customer Engagement ServicesVIDEO
5.Developer Tools and ServicesVIDEO
6.Frontend Web and Mobile ServicesVIDEO
7.Internet of Things (IoT) ServicesVIDEO
8.Management and Governance ServicesVIDEO
9.Security, Identity, and Compliance ServicesVIDEO
10.Checkpoint: Other AWS ServicesQUIZ
1.Technical Resources and SupportVIDEO
2.AWS DocumentationVIDEO
3.AWS Technical ResourcesVIDEO
4.AWS Support OptionsVIDEO
5.Cost OptimizationVIDEO
6.AWS Trust and SafetyVIDEO
7.AWS Partner NetworkVIDEO
8.AWS MarketplaceVIDEO
9.AWS Support CenterVIDEO
10.Checkpoint: Technical Resources and SupportQUIZ
2.BONUS: Where do I go from here?VIDEO
3.Practice ExamEXAM

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Vinay K


5 out of 5 stars

Dion Training provides an incredible experience. I have been learning from Jason since 3 years now and I found him very Knowledgeable, all the topics he covered are connected with real life examples and this makes learning more interesting. All I did was to watch his training videos and take-up the assessments, I never read a book or any PDF document to clear any of the ITIL exams.
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Jan Lorentsen


5 out of 5 stars

The new learning platform is great.
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