CompTIA® Cloud Essentials+ Complete Course, Labs, & Practice Exams

CompTIA® Cloud Essentials+ Complete Course, Labs, & Practice Exams

For the CompTIA Cloud Essentials certification, you will learn the essential principles of cybersecurity and gain practical experience in configuring, managing, and troubleshooting wired and wireless networks commonly used in organizations.

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  • Course Price$249
  • InstructorsJason Dion, Jamario Kelly
  • Total Duration11h 19m
  • Total Lessons130
  • Total Quizzes15
  • Total Enrollments3 Students
  • Access to material12 Months
  • Official TextbookIncluded
  • Full Practice ExamsIncluded
  • 100% Pass GuaranteeIncluded


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Elevate Your Cloud Computing Skills!

Welcome to our CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ (CLO-002) course, a gateway to one of the most sought-after Cloud certifications in the world! This course is a comprehensive expedition into the realm of cloud computing, providing students with a robust foundation in cloud concepts, models, services, and deployment strategies.

Why Choose Our Course?

From understanding the intricacies of cloud business principles to managing cloud governance, this course ensures that students are well-equipped to make informed decisions, design and migrate seamlessly to cloud environments, and operate efficiently in the cloud.

Embark on a Journey of Cloud Mastery!

The CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ (CLO-002) certification is a vendor-neutral credential that validates your understanding and management skills of cloud-based solutions across four domains:

  • 24% Cloud Concepts
  • 28% Business Principles of Cloud Environments
  • 26% Management and Technical Operations
  • 22% Governance, Risk, Compliance, and Security for the Cloud

By the course's conclusion, students will be adept in cloud administration, architecture, engineering, and IT project management, ready to secure and manage cloud-based solutions effectively.

Learning Objectives:

  • Ace the CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ certification exam
  • Configure and manage software, storage, processes in cloud solutions
  • Understand security best practices, access control, identity management, and compliance in the cloud
  • Execute basic shell scripts, use Git for version control, and understand orchestration and automation in cloud solutions
  • Analyze and troubleshoot user, application, and hardware issues in cloud environments

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals preparing for the CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ (CLO-002) Certification Exam
  • Those who wish to understand cloud computing concepts, models, infrastructure, services, and business value
  • Learners aiming to comprehend cloud computing governance, management, security challenges, and best practices

Course Overview:

Dive deep into the essential principles of cloud computing and cybersecurity, gaining hands-on experience in configuring, managing, and troubleshooting various networks prevalent in organizations.


  • Basic familiarity with computer networks, administration, and security (All necessary information will be covered)
  • Completion of CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+ certifications is helpful, but not mandatory

Course Outline:

Frequently Asked Questions

2.Download your free study guidePDF
3.Exam TipsVIDEO
4.100% Pass GuaranteePDF
5.Checkpoint: IntroductionQUIZ
1.Cloud PrinciplesVIDEO
2.Characteristics of Cloud ComputingVIDEO
7.Deployment ModelsVIDEO
8.Shared Responsibility ModelVIDEO
9.Summary (Cloud Computing Principles)VIDEO
10.Using Amazon LightsailVIDEO
11.Checkpoint: Cloud Computing PrinciplesQUIZ
1.Cloud DesignVIDEO
2.Deployment Model SelectionVIDEO
3.Service Model SelectionVIDEO
6.High AvailabilityVIDEO
7.Disaster RecoveryVIDEO
8.Recovery ObjectivesVIDEO
9.Summary (Cloud Design)VIDEO
10.Creating a Virtual Private CloudVIDEO
11.Checkpoint: Cloud DesignQUIZ
1.Cloud NetworkingVIDEO
2.Software Defined Networking (SDN)VIDEO
5.Load BalancingVIDEO
7.Direct ConnectionVIDEO
8.Remote Access TypesVIDEO
9.Summary (Cloud Networking)VIDEO
10.Using Route53 in LightsailVIDEO
11.Checkpoint: Cloud NetworkingQUIZ
1.Cloud StorageVIDEO
2.Storage FeaturesVIDEO
3.Storage CharacteristicsVIDEO
4.Types of StorageVIDEO
5.Software Defined StorageVIDEO
6.Content Delivery NetworkVIDEO
7.Summary (Cloud Storage)VIDEO
8.Using Storage in AzureVIDEO
9.Checkpoint: Cloud StorageQUIZ
1.Vendor RelationshipsVIDEO
2.Formal RequestVIDEO
3.Service DocumentsVIDEO
4.Open-Source versus ProprietaryVIDEO
6.Fixed vs Variable CostsVIDEO
7.Licensing ModelsVIDEO
10.Human CapitalVIDEO
11.Summary (Vendor Relationships)VIDEO
12.Using FireBase's PaaSVIDEO
13.Checkpoint: Vendor RelationshipsQUIZ
1.Cloud ExpendituresVIDEO
2.VM Instance TypesVIDEO
4.Chargebacks and TaggingVIDEO
7.Summary (Cloud Expenditures)VIDEO
8.Using Cost Allocation in AWSVIDEO
9.Checkpoint: Cloud ExpendituresQUIZ
1.Cloud AdvisingVIDEO
2.Cloud Migration PhasesVIDEO
3.Cloud AssessmentsVIDEO
4.Key StakeholdersVIDEO
5.Gap AnalysisVIDEO
7.Summary (Cloud Advising)VIDEO
8.Creating Cloud DesignsVIDEO
9.Checkpoint: Cloud AdvisingQUIZ
1.Cloud MigrationsVIDEO
2.Migrating to the CloudVIDEO
3.Cloud Migration PhasesVIDEO
4.Cloud Migration TypesVIDEO
5.Cloud Native ApplicationsVIDEO
6.Data AnalyticsVIDEO
7.Customer-Facing ServicesVIDEO
8.Evolving Business ServicesVIDEO
9.Summary (Cloud Migrations)VIDEO
10.Performing a Lift and ShiftVIDEO
11.Checkpoint: Cloud MigrationsQUIZ
1.Cloud OperationsVIDEO
2.Technical OperationsVIDEO
3.Data ManagementVIDEO
5.Disposable ResourcesVIDEO
6.Monitoring and VisibilityVIDEO
8.Managed Service ProvidersVIDEO
9.Summary (Cloud Operations)VIDEO
10.Using Availability Zones in AWSVIDEO
11.Checkpoint: Cloud OperationsQUIZ
1.DevOps and Cloud SecurityVIDEO
3.Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)VIDEO
5.Configuration ManagementVIDEO
6.API IntegrationVIDEO
7.Quality Assurance TestingVIDEO
8.Shared Security ModelVIDEO
9.Security AssessmentsVIDEO
10.Data SecurityVIDEO
11.Application and Infrastructure SecurityVIDEO
12.Security and Network ConnectionsVIDEO
13.Summary (DevOps and Cloud Security)VIDEO
14.Configuring a Cloud FirewallVIDEO
15.Checkpoint: DevOps and Cloud SecurityQUIZ
1.Cloud GovernanceVIDEO
2.Cloud Governance ConceptsVIDEO
3.Risk AssessmentVIDEO
4.Risk ResponseVIDEO
5.Risk DocumentationVIDEO
6.Compliance and StandardsVIDEO
7.Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)VIDEO
10.Summary (Cloud Governance)VIDEO
11.Using IAM in AWSVIDEO
12.Checkpoint: Cloud GovernanceQUIZ
2.BONUS: Where do I go from here?VIDEO
3.Practice ExamEXAM

Customer Reviews

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Patrick James Malang

Network Engineer

5 out of 5 stars

The course is budget friendly, well put together and easy to understand. It really helps you pass the ITIL exam on the first attempt! Well done Jason and team for the wonderful content and training course! I strongly recommend it!
Review Avatar Image

Adriana Kalaydzhieva


5 out of 5 stars

Very well structured course, really emphasizing on the important topics, but in the same time giving a broad overview on the modern way of doing IT.
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