CompTIA® Data+ Complete Course, Labs, & Practice Exams

CompTIA® Data+ Complete Course, Labs, & Practice Exams

CompTIA Data+ is an early-career data analytics certification for professionals tasked with developing and promoting data-driven business decision-making.

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  • Course Price$249
  • InstructorsFrank Kane, Jason Dion
  • Total Duration13h 43m
  • Total Lessons207
  • Total Quizzes19
  • Total Enrollments16 Students
  • Access to material12 Months
  • Official LabsIncluded
  • Official TextbookIncluded
  • Full Practice ExamsIncluded
  • 100% Pass GuaranteeIncluded


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Course Description

Embark on a journey to master data analytics with the CompTIA Data+ (DA0-001) certification! This vendor-neutral certification is your gateway to developing and promoting data-driven decision-making in organizations. Designed for early-career data analysts, this course validates your ability to analyze, interpret, and communicate insights from data, setting you apart in the competitive field of data analytics.

Unlock the World of Data Analytics!

The CompTIA Data+ exam is meticulously structured to foster proficiency in collecting, analyzing, and reporting on data, thus enabling organizations to align their strategies and make informed business decisions. By the end of this course, you will have comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in the following five domains:

  • Data Concepts and Environments (15%)
  • Data Mining (25%)
  • Data Analysis (23%)
  • Visualization (23%)
  • Data Governance, Quality, & Controls (14%)

Who Is This Course For?

  • Individuals preparing for the CompTIA Data+ (DA0-001) Certification Exam
  • Data Analysts, Database Engineers, and Data Scientists
  • Cybersecurity and Information Technology Professionals

Learning Objectives

  • Confidently pass the CompTIA Data+ certification exam
  • Gain a deep understanding of data concepts, environments, mining, and analysis
  • Develop proficiency in creating and interpreting visualizations
  • Master the principles of data governance, ensuring data quality, and implementing controls

Course Overview

CompTIA Data+ serves as a stepping stone for early-career data analysts, empowering them with the knowledge and skills to drive data-driven business decision-making in any organization.


  • Basic understanding of office productivity tools, such as Word and Excel
  • Ability to comprehend basic mathematics and interpret graphs

Course Outline:

Frequently Asked Questions

2.Download your free study guidePDF
3.Exam TipsVIDEO
4.How to Use the Lab EnvironmentVIDEO
5A.Lab: Exploring the Lab EnvironmentLAB
6.Checkpoint: IntroductionQUIZ
1.Data SchemasVIDEO
2.Relational DatabasesVIDEO
3.Non-relational DatabasesVIDEO
4.Comparing Database TypesVIDEO
5.Data NormalizationVIDEO
6.Database RelationshipsVIDEO
7.Referential IntegrityVIDEO
8.Data DenormalizationVIDEO
9.Hands-on with Data SchemasVIDEO
10A.Lab: Navigating and Understanding Database DesignLAB
11.Checkpoint: Data SchemasQUIZ
1.Data SystemsVIDEO
2.Data Processing TypesVIDEO
3.Data WarehouseVIDEO
4.Data Warehouse SchemasVIDEO
5.Data LakesVIDEO
6.Changing Dimensional DataVIDEO
7.Hands-on with Data SystemsVIDEO
8.Checkpoint: Data SystemsQUIZ
1.Data TypesVIDEO
2.Quantitative & QualitativeVIDEO
3.Data Field TypesVIDEO
4.Converting DataVIDEO
5A.Lab: Understanding Data Types and ConversionLAB
6.Data StructuresVIDEO
7.Data File FormatsVIDEO
8A.Lab: Working with Different File FormatsLAB
9.Data LanguagesVIDEO
10.Hands-on with Data TypesVIDEO
11A.Lab: Understanding Data Structure and Types and Using Basic StatementsLAB
12.Checkpoint: Data TypesQUIZ
1.Data AcquisitionVIDEO
2.Extracting DataVIDEO
3.Transforming DataVIDEO
4.Loading DataVIDEO
5.Application Programming Interface (API)VIDEO
6.Web ScrapingVIDEO
7.Machine DataVIDEO
8.Public DatabasesVIDEO
9.Survey DataVIDEO
10.Sampling and ObservationVIDEO
11.Hands-on with Data AcquisitionVIDEO
12A.Lab: Using Public DataLAB
13.Checkpoint: Data AcquisitionQUIZ
1.Cleansing and Profiling DataVIDEO
2.Data Profiling StepsVIDEO
3.Data Profiling ToolsVIDEO
4A.Lab: Profiling Data SetsLAB
5.Redundant and Duplicated DataVIDEO
6A.Lab: Addressing Redundant and Duplicated DataLAB
7.Unnecessary DataVIDEO
8.Missing ValuesVIDEO
9A.Lab: Addressing Missing ValuesLAB
10.Invalid DataVIDEO
11.Meeting SpecificationsVIDEO
12.Data OutliersVIDEO
13.Hands-on with Cleaning and Profiling DataVIDEO
14A.Lab: Preparing Data for UseLAB
15.Checkpoint: Cleansing and Profiling DataQUIZ
1.Data ManipulationVIDEO
2.Recording DataVIDEO
3.Derived VariablesVIDEO
4.Value ImputationVIDEO
5.Aggregation and ReductionVIDEO
6.Data MaskingVIDEO
7.Transposing DataVIDEO
8.Appending DataVIDEO
9.Hands-on with Data ManipulationVIDEO
10A.Lab: Recoding DataLAB
11.Checkpoint: Data ManipulationQUIZ
1.Performing Data ManipulationVIDEO
2.Data BlendingVIDEO
3.Parsing StringsVIDEO
4.Date ManipulationVIDEO
5.Conditional LogicVIDEO
6.Aggregation FunctionsVIDEO
7.System FunctionsVIDEO
8.Hands-on with Performing Data ManipulationVIDEO
9.Checkpoint: Performing Data ManipulationQUIZ
1.Querying & Filtering DataVIDEO
2.Querying DataVIDEO
3.Join TypesVIDEO
4A.Lab: Working with Queries and Join TypesLAB
5.Filtering DataVIDEO
7.Indexing DataVIDEO
8.Temporary TablesVIDEO
9.Subsets of RecordsVIDEO
10.Query Execution PlanVIDEO
11.Hands-on with Querying & Filtering DataVIDEO
12A.Lab: Building Queries and Transforming DataLAB
13.Checkpoint: Querying & Filtering DataQUIZ
1.Types of AnalysisVIDEO
2.Determining the Analysis TypeVIDEO
3.Exploratory AnalysisVIDEO
4.Performance AnalysisVIDEO
5.Gap AnalysisVIDEO
6.Trend AnalysisVIDEO
7.Link AnalysisVIDEO
8.Hands-on with AnalysisVIDEO
9.Checkpoint: Types of AnalysisQUIZ
1.Descriptive Statistical MethodsVIDEO
2.Central TendencyVIDEO
3A.Lab: Using the Measures of Central TendencyLAB
5.Standard DeviationVIDEO
10.Confidence IntervalVIDEO
11.Hands-on with Descriptive Statistical MethodsVIDEO
12A.Lab: Use Measures of VariabilityLAB
13.Checkpoint: Descriptive Statistical MethodsQUIZ
1.Inferential Statistical MethodsVIDEO
2.T-Tests and P-ValuesVIDEO
3.Hypothesis TestingVIDEO
5.Regression AnalysisVIDEO
7.Hands-on with Inferential Statistical MethodsVIDEO
8A.Lab: Analyzing DataLAB
9.Checkpoint: Inferential Statistical MethodsQUIZ
1.Visualization TypesVIDEO
2.Pie ChartVIDEO
3.Tree MapVIDEO
4.Column and Bar ChartsVIDEO
5.Line ChartVIDEO
6.Combining ChartsVIDEO
7.Scatter Plot and Bubble ChartVIDEO
8A.Lab: Building Basic Visuals to Make Visual ImpactLAB
11.Geographic MapsVIDEO
12A.Lab: Building Maps with Geographical DataLAB
13.Heat MapsVIDEO
14.Word Clouds and InfographicsVIDEO
15.Hands-on with VisualizationVIDEO
16.Checkpoint: Visualization TypesQUIZ
1.Creating ReportsVIDEO
2.The AudienceVIDEO
3.Data SourcesVIDEO
4.Data ModelsVIDEO
5.Data FieldsVIDEO
6.Data DeliveryVIDEO
7.Reporting FrequencyVIDEO
8.Report TypesVIDEO
9A.Lab: Using Visuals to Tell a StoryLAB
10.Hands-on with Creating ReportsVIDEO
11A.Lab: Building an Ad Hod ReportLAB
12.Checkpoint: Creating DashboardsQUIZ
1.Dashboard DevelopmentVIDEO
2.Data FilteringVIDEO
3A.Lab: Filtering DataLAB
4.Data TablesVIDEO
5.Dashboard DesignVIDEO
6.Documenting DashboardsVIDEO
7.Documentation ElementsVIDEO
8.Report ElementsVIDEO
9.Dashboard OptimizationVIDEO
10.Deploying DashboardsVIDEO
11.Hands-on with Creating DashboardsVIDEO
12A.Labs: Designing Elements for DashboardsLAB
12B.Labs: Visualizing DataLAB
13.Checkpoint: Creating DashboardsQUIZ
1.Data GovernanceVIDEO
2.Data LifecycleVIDEO
3.Data RolesVIDEO
4.Regulations and ComplianceVIDEO
5.Data ClassificationVIDEO
6.Access RequirementsVIDEO
7.Data Retention and DestructionVIDEO
8.Data ProcessingVIDEO
9.Data SecurityVIDEO
10.Data AccessVIDEO
11.Data StorageVIDEO
12.Entity RelationshipsVIDEO
13.Hands-on with Data GovernanceVIDEO
14A.Lab: Understanding Security Requirements for Protecting InformationLAB
15.Checkpoint: Data GovernanceQUIZ
1.Data QualityVIDEO
2.Quality ChecksVIDEO
3.Quality DimensionsVIDEO
4.Quality Rules and MetricsVIDEO
5.Data ValidationVIDEO
6.Automated ValidationVIDEO
7.Data VerificationVIDEO
8.Master Data Management (MDM)VIDEO
9.Streamlining Data AccessVIDEO
10.Hands-on with Data QualityVIDEO
11.Checkpoint: Data QualityQUIZ
1.Data Analytic ToolsVIDEO
2.Data LanguagesVIDEO
3.Data Transformation ToolsVIDEO
4.Data Visualization ToolsVIDEO
5.Statistical ToolsVIDEO
6.Reporting ToolsVIDEO
7.Platform ToolsVIDEO
8.Checkpoint: Data Analytic ToolsQUIZ
1.BONUS: ConclusionVIDEO
2.CompTIA Data+ (DA0-001) Practice ExamQUIZ

Customer Reviews

Review Avatar Image

Ajibola Somuyiwa

Servicenow consultant

5 out of 5 stars

I needed to get into itil4 foundation ASAP and my friend recommended Jason Dion, so I took a chance. I watched the video twice and read his breakdown and I got it right immediately! Thank you! Defenitely recommend!
Review Avatar Image

Dustin Dahm

Senior Systems Analyst

4 out of 5 stars

The only knock I have was the pratctice exams. The first 2 practice exams had about 5 or 6 questions that were exact duplicates.
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