CompTIA® Network+ Complete Course, Labs, & Practice Exams

CompTIA® Network+ Complete Course, Labs, & Practice Exams

You will learn the fundamentals of network and gain experience in the configuration, management, and troubleshooting of common wired and wireless network devices.

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  • Course Price$299
  • InstructorsJason Dion
  • Total Duration27h 17m
  • Total Lessons237
  • Total Quizzes12
  • Total Enrollments631 Students
  • Access to material12 Months
  • Official LabsIncluded
  • Official TextbookIncluded
  • Full Practice ExamsIncluded
  • 100% Pass GuaranteeIncluded

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Course Description

Embark on a journey to master the essentials of networking with our CompTIA Network+ (N10-008) certification course! This course lays the foundation for understanding networking fundamentals, ensuring you gain hands-on experience in configuring, managing, and troubleshooting various network devices, both wired and wireless. Explore emerging technologies such as unified communications, mobile, cloud, and virtualization to stay ahead of the curve!

The CompTIA Network+ (N10-008) is an entry-level, vendor-neutral certification, designed to validate your skills and knowledge in establishing, maintaining, and securing the critical networks that form the backbone of businesses. The course is a stepping stone for aspiring network administrators, data center support technicians, network engineers, and anyone keen on building a robust understanding of networking concepts and tools.

Upon completion, you will be well-versed in networking tasks, ready to assume network administration roles, and primed to ace the CompTIA Network+ (N10-008) certification exam!

Who Is This Course For?

  • Students preparing for the CompTIA Network+ (N10-008) Certification Exam
  • Individuals eager to learn computer network terminology and nomenclature
  • Aspiring network technicians
  • Those seeking a career in cyber security or networking

Learning Objectives

  • Successfully pass the CompTIA Network+ (N10-008) certification exam
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of computer networks, functions, and components
  • Master subnetting networks and performing basic network configurations
  • Become a proficient networking technician in a small-to-medium-sized business environment

Course Overview

This course provides a fundamental understanding of network principles, complemented by practical experience in configuring and troubleshooting network devices, ensuring you are well-equipped to manage and secure networking infrastructures.


  • Basic familiarity with computer networks (All necessary information will be covered during the course)
  • Understanding of the concepts covered by the A+ exams

Course Outline:

Frequently Asked Questions

1.WelcomeVIDEOFree Preview
1.Network BasicsVIDEOFree Preview
2.Network ComponentsVIDEOFree Preview
3.Network ResourcesVIDEOFree Preview
4.Network GeographyVIDEO
5.Understading Network GeographyLAB
6.Wired Network TopologyVIDEO
7.Wireless Network TopologyVIDEO
8.Internet of Things (IoT)VIDEO
9.Quiz: Network BasicsQUIZ
1.Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Model OverviewVIDEO
2.Layer 1 (Physical Layer)VIDEO
3.Layer 2 (Data Link Layer)VIDEO
4.Layer 3 (Network Layer)VIDEO
5.Layer 4 (Transport Layer)VIDEO
6.Layer 5 (Session Layer)VIDEO
7.Layer 6 (Presentation Layer)VIDEO
8.Layer 7 (Application Layer)VIDEO
9.The OSI ModelLAB
10.Lab: Configure a SOHO RouterLAB
11.Encapsulation and DecapsulationVIDEO
12.Lab: Capture Network TrafficLAB
13.Quiz: OSI ModelsQUIZ
1.Data Transfer Over NetworksVIDEO
2.Ports and ProtocolsVIDEO
3.Labs: Analyze Application Security ConfonfigurationLAB
4.Finding Open PortsLAB
5.Labs: Use Network ScannersLAB
6.IP Protocol TypesVIDEO
7.Quiz: TCP/IP ModelQUIZ
1.Media and CablingVIDEO
2.Copper MediaVIDEO
3.Building a CableVIDEO
4.Fiber MediaVIDEO
6.Cable DistributionVIDEO
7.Wiring a NetworkLAB
8.Testing the NetworkLAB
9.Quiz: Media and CablingQUIZ
1.Ethernet FundamentalsVIDEO
2.Network Infrastructure Devices (Overview)VIDEO
3.Hands-on with DevicesLAB
4.Additional Ethernet Switch FeaturesVIDEO
5.Lab: Configure Interface SettingsLAB
6.Spanning Tree ProtocolVIDEO
7.Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN)VIDEO
8.Specialized Network DevicesVIDEO
9.Other DevicesVIDEO
10.Quiz: Network Infrastructure DevicesQUIZ
1.IP AddressingVIDEO
2.IPv4 AddressingVIDEO
3.IPv4 Data FlowsVIDEO
4.Assigning IP AddressesVIDEO
5.Computer MathematicsVIDEO
7.Subnetting PracticeVIDEO
8.Subnetting by HandLAB
9.Lab: Configure IPv4 Static AddressingLAB
10.IPv6 AddressingVIDEO
11.Labs: Configure IPv6 Static AddressingLAB
12.IPv6 Data FlowsVIDEO
13.Labs: Analyze ARP TrafficLAB
14.Quiz: IPv4 and IPv6QUIZ
1.Routing FundamentalsVIDEO
2.Routing TablesVIDEO
3.Routing ProtocolsVIDEO
4.Address Translation (NAT and PAT)VIDEO
5.Multicast RoutingVIDEO
6.Hands-on with RoutersLAB
7.Labs: Configuring Static RoutingLAB
8.Labs: Configuring Dynamic RoutingLAB
9.Quiz: RoutingQUIZ
1.Network ServicesVIDEO
3.Hands-on with DHCPLAB
4.Labs: Analyze a DHCP Server ConfigurationLAB
6.Hands-on with DNSLAB
7.Labs: Analyze a DNS Server ConfigurationLAB
9.Quiz: Network ServicesQUIZ
1.Wide Area Networks (WAN)VIDEO
2.Wired WAN ConnectionsVIDEO
3.Wireless WAN ConnectionsVIDEO
4.WAN Technologies (Part 1)VIDEO
5.WAN Technologies (Part 2)VIDEO
6.Hands-on WANsLAB
7.Other WAN ConnectionsVIDEO
8.Quiz: Wide Area Networks (WANs)QUIZ
1.Wireless Networking (WLAN)VIDEO
2.WLAN Service SetsVIDEO
3.Wireless AntennasVIDEO
4.Hands-on with AntennasLAB
5.Wireless FrequenciesVIDEO
6.Wireless SecurityVIDEO
7.Hands-on with WirelessLAB
8.When Security FailsLAB
9.Quiz: Wireless NetworksQUIZ
1.Cloud and the DatacenterVIDEO
2.Virtual Network DevicesVIDEO
3.Voice Over IP (VoIP)VIDEO
4.Cloud ComputingVIDEO
5.Cloud ConceptsVIDEO
6.Virtualization and Cloud ComputingLAB
7.Infrastructure as CodeVIDEO
8.Connectivity OptionsVIDEO
9.Datacenter ArchitectureVIDEO
10.Quiz: Cloud and the DatacenterQUIZ
1.Network SecurityVIDEO
2.The CIA TriadVIDEO
3.Threats and VulnerabilitiesVIDEO
4.Risk ManagementVIDEO
5.Security PrinciplesVIDEO
6.Defense in DepthVIDEO
7.Multifactor AuthenticationVIDEO
8.Authentication MethodsVIDEO
9.Network Access ProtocolsVIDEO
10.Network Access ControlVIDEO
11.Physical SecurityVIDEO
12.Asset DisposalVIDEO
13.Quiz: Network SecurityQUIZ
1.Network AttacksVIDEO
2.Denial of Service AttacksVIDEO
3.General Network ActionsVIDEO
4.Spoofing AttacksVIDEO
6.Wireless AttacksVIDEO
7.Social Engineering AttacksVIDEO
8.Insider ThreatVIDEO
9.Lab: Analyze On-path AttackLAB
10.Quiz: Network AttacksQUIZ
1.Security TechnologiesVIDEO
3.Hands-on with FirewallsLAB
4.Hands-on with Software FirewallsLAB
6.Remote AccessVIDEO
7.Labs: Configure Secure Access ChannelsLAB
8.Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)VIDEO
10.Labs: Configure Remote AccessLAB
11.Simple Network Management ProtocolVIDEO
12.Network LoggingVIDEO
14.Labs: Configure SyslogLAB
15.Quiz: Security TechnologiesQUIZ
1.Network HardeningVIDEO
2.Patch ManagementVIDEO
3.Password SecurityVIDEO
4.Unneeded ServicesVIDEO
5.Port Security and VLANsVIDEO
6.Lab: Configure Port SecurityLAB
7.Inspection and PolicingVIDEO
8.Securing SNMPVIDEO
9.Access Control ListsVIDEO
10.Wireless SecurityVIDEO
11.IoT ConsiderationsVIDEO
12.Quiz: Network HardeningQUIZ
1.Network AvailabilityVIDEO
2.High AvailabilityVIDEO
3.Designing Redundant NetworksVIDEO
4.Recovery SitesVIDEO
5.Lab: Backup and Restore Network Device ConfigurationLAB
6.Facilities SupportVIDEO
7.Quality of Service (QoS)VIDEO
8.QoS CategorizationVIDEO
9.QoS MechanismsVIDEO
10.Quiz: Network AvailabilityQUIZ
1.Network PoliciesVIDEO
2.Plans and ProceduresVIDEO
3.Hardening and Security PoliciesVIDEO
4.Common AgreementsVIDEO
5.Quiz: Network PoliciesQUIZ
1.Network ManagementVIDEO
2.Common DocumentationVIDEO
3.Lab: Develop Network DocumentationLAB
4.Performance MetricsVIDEO
6.NetFlow DataVIDEO
7.Lab: Analyze Network PerformanceLAB
8.Interface StatisticsVIDEO
9.Environmental SensorsVIDEO
10.Quiz: Network ManagementQUIZ
1.Network Troubleshooting MethodologyVIDEO
2.Cable ReviewVIDEO
3.Cabling ToolsVIDEO
4.Cable Signal IssuesVIDEO
5.Copper Cable IssuesVIDEO
6.Fiber Cable IssuesVIDEO
7.Ethernet IssuesVIDEO
8.Quiz: Troubleshooting Physical NetworksQUIZ
1.Troubleshooting Wireless NetworksVIDEO
2.Wireless ConsiderationsVIDEO
3.Coverage and InterferenceVIDEO
4.Incorrect ConfigurationsVIDEO
5.Captive PortalVIDEO
6.Quiz: Troubleshooting Wireless NetworksQUIZ
1.Network Tools and CommandsVIDEO
2.Software ToolsVIDEO and tracerouteVIDEO
4.ipconfig, ifconfig, and ipVIDEO
5.nslookup, dig, and hostnameVIDEO
6.arp, route, nbtstat, netstatVIDEO
7.telnet, tcpdump, and nmapVIDEO
8.Network Platform CommandsVIDEO
9.Lab: Use Tools to Test IP ConfigurationLAB
10.Quiz: Network Tools and CommandsQUIZ
1.Troubleshooting Network IssuesVIDEO
2.Collisions and Broadcast StormsVIDEO
3.Duplicate AddressesVIDEO
4.Routing IssuesVIDEO
7.IP and VLAN SettingsVIDEO
8.Firewall IssuesVIDEO
9.DNS and NTP IssuesVIDEO
10.Network Performance IssuesVIDEO
11.Other IssuesVIDEO
12.Lab: Verify Service and Application ConfigurationLAB
13.Quiz: TroubleshootingQUIZ
1.Lab: Troubleshoot IP Networks (Part One)LAB
2.Lab: Troubleshoot IP Networks (Part Two)LAB
3.Lab: Troubleshoot Service and Security IssuesLAB
2.BONUS: Where to Go From Here!VIDEO
1.Practice Exam (N10-008)EXAM

Customer Reviews

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Tapan Bhatti


5 out of 5 stars

Thank you Jason for the perfect training course on ITIL V4 Foundation. I have passed the exam in 2 weeks of starting your training. Your teaching style is simply the best and would love to do more courses with yourself in the future :)
Review Avatar Image

Mon Mariano

Systems Administrator

5 out of 5 stars

The ITIL 4 Foundation course by Dion Training is by far the best exam preparation content I've had. Clear, concise and outlined as if you are in an on-campus class.
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