ITIL® Leader: Digital and IT Strategy

This certification focuses on building and implementing effective IT and digital strategies that can tackle digital disruption and drive success; invaluable for leaders across your organization.
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In this transformative course, learn how to be agile in adapting to disruptive innovations and seize new opportunities to enhance your organization's business model. The ITIL Leader: Digital and IT Strategy (DITS) course, along with its certification, emphasizes the imperative for organizations to evolve swiftly in response to an ever-changing environment marked by disruption and innovation.

Engage with key concepts such as organizational structures, responsive operations, rapid decision-making, quality attainment, strategic selection, and the implementation of diverse operating models. Acquire the proficiency to continually realign your organization's strategies amidst significant disruptions and innovations in the marketplace.

Preparation for the ITIL Leader: Digital and IT Strategy (DITS) certification exam is integrated, covering all eight objectives:

  • Aligning ITIL guiding principles
  • Leveraging digital strategy against disruption
  • Conducting environmental (external and internal) analysis
  • Assessing market and industry viability
  • Adopting strategic approaches for customer/market relevance and operational excellence
  • Evaluating risks and opportunities
  • Defining and advocating for a strategy
  • Implementing a strategy

Who this course is for:

  • Leaders shaping organizational vision and strategies
  • Executives balancing short-term results with long-term viability
  • Professionals navigating through industry change and digital disruption

Learning Objectives:

  • Craft and execute a cross-organizational digital strategy
  • Develop a compelling digital vision
  • Foster operational excellence
  • Proactively respond to digital disruption
  • Promote a sustainable business
  • Strategically manage risks
  • Cultivate future digital leaders

Course Overview:

This course is pivotal for leaders in building and executing potent IT and digital strategies to address digital disruption and foster organizational success.


  • Certification in ITIL 4 Foundation is required.

Course Outline: