ITIL® Strategist: Direct, Plan & Improve

ITIL® Strategist: Direct, Plan & Improve

This certification focuses on providing students with the practical skills necessary to create a ‘learning and improving’ information technology organization, with a strong and effective strategic direction.

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Immerse yourself in the transformative practices of directing, planning, and improving organizational activities with the ITIL Service Value System (SVS). The ITIL Strategist: Direct, Plan, and Improve (DPI) course is a beacon for professionals aiming to craft a visionary guidance, align missions, and implement policies that yield service-oriented outcomes, adding value to both service providers and customers.

Explore key concepts such as vision creation, mission alignment, value stream mapping, operating models, measures/metrics, governance, risk, compliance, continual improvement, communication, organizational change management practices, measurement, and reporting. Equipped with these tools, you'll be poised to devise and execute effective IT and digital strategies to navigate digital disruption and foster organizational success.

This course is a stepping stone towards the ITIL Strategist: Direct, Plan, and Improve (DPI) certification exam, covering all seven objectives:

  • Key Concepts of Direct, Plan, and Improve
  • Controlling Scope
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance
  • Continual Improvement
  • Communication and Organizational Change Management Practices
  • Measurement and Reporting
  • Value Streams and Practices

Who this course is for:

  • Professionals spearheading cultural shifts or organizational change programs
  • Leaders championing continual improvement initiatives
  • Practitioners aiming to enhance governance, compliance, and risk management controls
  • Individuals aligning evolving IT and business strategies with existing IT services

Learning Objectives:

  • Integrate governance and strategy with service management activities
  • Foster a culture of collaboration and continual improvement
  • Facilitate organizational change management
  • Measure progress and implement continual improvements
  • Employ effective communication principles to forge collaboration across multidisciplinary teams

Course Overview:

Embark on a journey to create a ‘learning and improving’ IT organization, armed with a robust and effective strategic direction. This certification is your gateway to acquiring the practical skills needed to steer your organization towards continual learning and improvement.


  • Certification in ITIL 4 Foundation is a prerequisite for this course.

Course Outline:

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Welcome to the courseVIDEOFree Preview
2.Download the Study GuidePDF
3.Exam FundamentalsVIDEOFree Preview
4.100% Pass GuaranteeVIDEOFree Preview
5.Exam ObjectivesVIDEOFree Preview
1.Objective 1.1VIDEOFree Preview
2.Objective 1.2VIDEO
3.Objective 1.3VIDEO
4.Quiz: Key ConceptsQUIZ
1.Objective 2.1VIDEO
2.Objective 2.1.aVIDEO
3.Objective 2.1.bVIDEO
4.Objective 2.1.cVIDEO
5.Quiz: Scope of ControlQUIZ
1.Objective 3.1VIDEO
2.Objective 3.2VIDEO
3.Objective 3.3VIDEO
4.Quiz: Role of GRCQUIZ
1.Objective 4.1VIDEO
2.Objective 4.2VIDEO
3.Objective 4.3VIDEO
4.Objective 4.4VIDEO
5.Objective 4.5VIDEO
6.Objective 4.6VIDEO
7.Objective 4.7VIDEO
8.Quiz: Continual ImprovementQUIZ
1.Objective 5.1VIDEO
2.Objective 5.2.aVIDEO
3.Objective 5.2.bVIDEO
4.Objective 5.2.cVIDEO
5.Objective 5.3VIDEO
6.Quiz: Organizational ChangeQUIZ
1.Objective 6.1VIDEO
2.Measurement and ReportingVIDEO
3.Measurement TypesVIDEO
4.Planning and Evaluation ModelVIDEO
5.Balanced ScorecardVIDEO
6.Organizational Improvement CascadeVIDEO
7.Success Factors and KPIsVIDEO
8.Quiz: Indicators and MetricsQUIZ
1.Value Streams and PracticesVIDEO
2.Objective 7.1VIDEO
3.Objective 7.2.aVIDEO
4.Objective 7.2.bVIDEO
5.Objective 7.2.cVIDEO
6.Objective 7.2.dVIDEO
7.Objective 7.2.eVIDEO
8.Objective 7.2.fVIDEO
9.Quiz: Value Streams and PracticesQUIZ
2.Practice exam 1EXAM
3.Practice exam 2EXAM
4.Practice exam 3EXAM
5.Exam VoucherVOUCHER

Customer Reviews

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Rizwan Sheriff

IT system Analyst

4 out of 5 stars

Recommendable for everyone to complete and pass the ITIL 4 foundation exam.
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Danijel Celic

Deskside support

4 out of 5 stars

A bit over-complicated definitions compensated by clear real-life examples. Good overall experience.
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