CompTIA® Scheduling Your Exam

CompTIA® scheduling explained

CompTIA® uses location-based pricing for their exams and each country/region uses different exam vouchers.

You can go to the official website or the PearsonVue website, but you will pay the full retail cost and wait up to 24 hours to receive your exam voucher and be able to schedule the exam.

Alternatively, you can purchase your exam voucher from a CompTIA Authorized Partner (like Dion Training). Unlike most voucher resellers, we don't just carry the United States and Canada vouchers. Due to our large international student base, we carry vouchers for many countries across the globe.

To see if we carry yours, just go to our voucher page, select the exam you are studying for, and then select your country from the pop-up menu. Once purchased, you will received your exam voucher from us within 15 minutes.

How can I save some money on my CompTIA certification exam voucher?

As a high-volume Platinum Delivery Partner for CompTIA, we buy thousands of exam vouchers each year for our students. Because of our bulk purchasing power, we receive a discounted rate from CompTIA and share those savings with you.

All our vouchers are discounted at least 10% or more off the regular retail priced charged by CompTIA.

We also maintain an inventory of most vouchers in stock, so you receive your voucher within 15 minutes of purchasing.

Simply go to our voucher page to select the voucher you need to purchase, then choose your country. You will be automatically redirected to the information page about your voucher and presented with the price and the option to buy it.

When will my voucher expire?

Our vouchers are guaranteed to be valid for at least 9 months from the date of your purchase. When your voucher is delivered to your email, it will state the exact expiration date of your exam voucher.

Unlike other discounted sites where you have to take your exam in the next 7-14 days or the voucher will expire, we only sell new vouchers will long expiration dates.

All of our vouchers have between 9-12 months before they expire

What is Take2?

Take2 is your second chance at certification at a more affordable price. Sometimes, students don't pass their exams on their first attempt. Normally, this means you would have to buy a new exam voucher again (which costs hundreds of dollars).

If you don't pass your exam on the first attempt for any reason, simply send us your score report showing you failed the exam, and we will issue you a new voucher so you can retake the exam at no additional cost to you (if you select and purchase the Take2 option at checkout).

Take2 is an add-on product to your regular exam voucher, and can only be bought when buying your exam voucher from Dion Training. Choosing the Take2 option will increase your voucher cost by 25-40% (depending on the exam).

If you pass the exam, Take2 is not refundable. If you fail the exam, you are issued a replacement exam voucher to retake the exam.

Take2 is offered exclusively by Dion Training Solutions and is not available if purchasing your voucher directly through PearsonVue or CompTIA.

Where can I take my exam?

The exam can be conducted in-person at any PearsonVue testing center worldwide using our vouchers. As of May 2020, you can now take your CompTIA exam online from the comfort of your home or office using the PearsonVue OnVue testing system with our exam vouchers.

To schedule your exam for either in-person or online testing, you can visit

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